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The Vine Grove Fire Department was established in 1870 and has been in operations since that date. The Vine Grove Fire Department is a city/county run fire department. We respond not only to the citizens of Vine Grove, but also to approximately 30 square miles in Hardin and Meade County.

The fire department has an ISO rating of 5/9: 5 being all city residents and 9 being all others dependent upon their particular insurance company and where they live in the fire protection area outside city limits. We have recently started implementing a volunteer subscription service in our response area outside the city limits. This service helps provide much needed funding to our Vine Grove Fire Department.

In April 2005, the Vine Grove Fire Department started the Junior Firefighter Program.

We receive most of our budgeted monies from the city, as well as a monthly allotment Hardin County. This money adequately supports the fire department; however, in order to keep up with our rapidly growing area, we must find additional funding to support the growth. This subscription service is voluntary and presently costs a minimal $30.00/year. This fee is also tax deductible!

What is the advantage of this subscription fee? Under KRS, fire departments are allowed to charge $500.00 per response outside the city limits. When one subscribes to this service, the $500.00 fee is waived.

If anyone has questions regarding this subscription service or the Vine Grove Fire Department in general, please feel free to call Chief Steven R. New 270-877-5202 and leave a message. Chief New will return your call as soon as possible. Please remember that our department is a volunteer department and most of the fire fighters, including Chief New, have other forms of employment; therefore, many of them are not able to be at the fire department during regular business hours.

Vine Grove Fire Department provides:
  • 24-hour protection, 7 days per week, 365 days per year
  • Rescue services
  • Medical Assistance to the Hardin County Ambulance Service
  • Home inspections upon request
  • Educational Classes
  • Emergency management for the City of Vine Grove
  • Occupational Education
  • Fire Prevention Education for all age groups upon request

The Junior Firefighter Program (Vine Grove Fire Department)

The purpose of this program is to teach its members basic firefighting skills, while training with the members of the Fire Department. The members also learn teamwork, communication and leadership skills.

The Junior Firefighters also present fire safety and fire prevention seminars to youth groups such as day cares and Scouting groups.

Junior firefighters range in ages from 14-17, with the option to join the Vine Grove Fire Department when they become 18 years of age.

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